Review: Grow Cook Eat

In late 2014, Michael Kelly got in touch to see if I’d like to review his new book; Grow Cook Eat. So I owe him an apology for taking so long to get this review done. Sorry Michael!

Mind you, it’s about the right time of the year to start considering growing  your own food. I know that the weather is cold, it may be snowing where you are, but in food-growing terms many of us who like to grow our own food are busy tending to our crops that last through the Winter, and have started to chit potatoes, and propagate seedlings for the Spring. Continue reading Review: Grow Cook Eat

Shopping Tips – 26 January 2015

I know that these shopping tips are helping thousands of people around the country so firstly, thank you all so much for sharing the posts.

We are near the end of the month. Payday is in sight for those who get paid on a monthly basis. Yikes, 7-8 weeks is a long time to wait to be paid. I hope that the tips over the past few weeks have helped and the good news is that the Money-Saving-Monday is here to stay!

This week I’m raiding the store cupboards to make sure that I use up my dried goods and keep them all in rotation. We have finally ditched the nappies for good (Yay!) but it’s an odd feeling after 6 and a half years not to have to visit the baby product aisle. It will mean some savings on our grocery bill but I’m going to pop it all into a rainy-day fund. If you’re wondering what nappy is the best buy for babies, we converted to Lidl nappies about 4 years ago now and never looked back. Love them, love the price, and I was sick of the large brand name nappies splitting in the middle of the night.

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Leftovers Pie

I realise that in the technical sense of the term, this is not a “pie”. I’ve already received a lecture from my other half about him being short-changed. He rang this afternoon and I mentioned that dinner was ready. When I informed him that it was leftovers pie he was delighted, then the excitement turned to disappointment when he realised that there was no pastry at all involved in this pie. DSC_0613 Continue reading Leftovers Pie

Shopping Tips – 19th January 2015

When I sat down to type up my shopping tips for this week, I scrolled back to my previous tips for December 2014. There is a clear reduction in the price of fruit and vegetables in 1 retailer in particular. While it’s great to know that you’ll be able to feed your family fresh fruit and vegetables for less, do bear in mind that the prices aren’t always going to be this low.

We’re in the middle of a “supermarket price war”. Yes, the customer benefits from lower prices, but what about the producer/manufacturer? What cost to quality, Irish products, and what cost to animal welfare? Yes I realise that asking this question when going shopping is a luxury for many.

Please don’t depend on low supermarket prices, this is only temporary so don’t base your household budgets on it.

Thanks to everybody for sharing their tips and hints this week. They’re included below.

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