Make The Most Of Time

Make The Most Of Time

I wish I could just press a pause button.

I look at the boys and I think that this is the best age. The 2-year-old is so much fun. He’s great at getting what he wants, especially if it involves tickles or kisses. He’s transforming from my precious miracle into a little man; and while it fills me with so much pride to see him growing up, I want to bottle him up. I often say he has just two speeds: Awake and Asleep. Continue reading


Treat Foods For Children

Today launch a new campaign aimed at encouraging parents to cut back on the quantity of treat foods that they give their children. They’re asking parents to say no to large amounts of treat foods so the campaign is called “Let’s Say No” and they’re using the hashtag: #letssayno

It’s no secret that my family have made some changes to our lifestyle and don’t offer so many treat foods to the children. So I figured it might help if I explain why we do this and also how we manage it on a day-to-day basis. Continue reading

Homemade Brown Bread - Caitriona Redmond - Wholesome Ireland

Homemade Brown Bread

About 2 months ago I started baking my own brown bread every second day. I used to bake soda bread about once a fortnight but we did buy a lot of sliced pans. My hubby was partial to a slice of batch and while I didn’t always eat it, we’d buy about 2 loaves of bread a week. The boys would have sandwiches, and then there was toast with melted butter, which is of course the stuff that food dreams are made of.

I was playing around with Mam’s brown bread recipe (it’s very reliable and you can find it in my cookbook which can be ordered here) and came up with a version which literally takes 5 minutes to throw into a bowl, and stir with a fork, before lashing into the oven. You’ve probably read that and sworn a bit, or even decided not to read any further because you don’t believe me. Honestly, once the ingredients are in the bowl my easy-stir homemade brown bread takes 5 minutes to make. My hands don’t get dirty. I mess up 1 large bowl making it and then I use some baking parchment in the tin so I don’t even have loads of washing up.Homemade Brown Bread - Caitriona Redmond - Wholesome Ireland Continue reading

Routine Is Great

My daily routine has changed since the 5-year-old went back to school. The arrangement that we had last year has altered and instead of me just whooshing him out the door by 8.30am, now all 3 of us (2 boys and myself) leave the house by this time.¬† Thanks to one of my sisters we have a lift to the school and after we’ve dropped the eldest boy off, I walk home with the small boy. It’s quite a distance and he’s not strong enough to walk it all by himself yet so I bring the buggy with me. Continue reading