Shopping Tips – 6 July 2015

We’re on a healthier-than-usual food plan at the moment. I’m buying very few processed foods, making the most of the Supermarket fresh food deals, and yet still the price of my trolley is creeping upwards. Even with the €10 voucher against my food shop most weeks I’ve noticed that my trolley is more expensive than when I had a higher proportion of processed food on the list.

I’m prepared to take the hit in my purse for the sake of our health, but crucially I can do this because I have a little bit more flexibility in my shopping budget than I used to. It really makes me think how difficult it is to eat a whole food diet in Ireland on a budget. The shopping tips help me research how to make my budget stretch a little bit further all the same! [Read more…]

Shopping Tips – 29 June 2015

Wholesome Discount Voucher Graphic

In case you’ve not noticed, yes I know this post is a day late. Sorry! Here’s the voucher graphic for the week ahead so you can figure out where to get discount vouchers at a glance. There are some great deals to snag again this week – including a chicken for €3 that’s perfect for the barbecue. Wholesome Discount Voucher Graphic

ALDI [Read more…]

Lovely Lemon Biscuits

Lovely Lemon Biscuits

As today is the last day of primary school for 9 whole weeks, classes are allowed to take treats into school. Sweets and chocolate are, as a rule, not allowed in school due to a healthy eating policy. For today though, as it’s a half day, the 6 year old was allowed to choose what treats he wanted to bring in. When I asked him what he’d like for his treat I expected that he’d ask to go to the local shop to pick up some goodies. I was wrong.

Yesterday I got my instructions. He required vanilla biscuits with icing. Except when I went to make the vanilla biscuits I discovered I was all out of vanilla. The horror! I did have a lovely stash of organic lemons though, and I figured that my lovely lemon biscuits would have to make do as a substitute. The warm weather means that room temperature butter and eggs are a dream to work with. In fact I made this cookie dough by hand with a big bowl and a wooden spoon in about 10 minutes. That task would normally take far longer in the depths of winter.

Lovely Lemon Biscuits

Lovely Lemon Biscuits

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Sweet Mac And Cheese

Sweet Mac And Cheese - Caitriona Redmond

As a child I always believed that macaroni was a sweet pasta dish. I didn’t realise that the name of a past corresponds to a shape. My childhood macaroni was normally made with penne. Dad used to cook it in a double-boiler, it’s a type of bain marie. The pasta was slowly cooked in a custard sauce and it was rib-stickingly good. This kind of dish was never cooked in the Summer months, but I have great memories of many milk puddings when growing up. Rice, semolina (with a sinful spoon of jam in the middle), tapioca, and this mysterious macaroni.

Now I know that macaroni is a type of pasta, and that it’s incredibly popular with melted cheese. It’s also pretty good with bacon stirred into the cheese sauce. That elevates simple macaroni with cheese to a whole new level, particularly if you drop a little bit of sriracha into the cheese sauce.

Still it’s too flipping hot for heavy desserts in Dublin at the moment. We are in the middle of a warm “fug”; where the skies are quite grey, the air is extremely humid, and the temperature is tipping 20 degrees Celsius. For those not in the know, that my friends, is practically tropical where I live. June is known as the “strawberry month”, and as we have a lot of family birthdays to celebrate in the month of June, most cakes and treats incorporate the little red jewels in some manner or form. [Read more…]