Homegrown Food Is Pretty Fantastic

Purple Flowering Beans
Purple Flowering Beans

When we sowed our first seeds in the front postage stamp garden six years ago, I never would have thought that we would be where we are today. What started off as a bit of a project; to grow a few things to eat in the Summer, to show the children how food was grown, and to get back to our roots (see what I did there) has blossomed into a way of life. Homegrown food is pretty fantastic.Now we have an allotment; it’s 10 metres x 20 metres (200 sq metres), and this year for the first time the role of tending to the allotment is shared equally between my husband and I. Up until last Summer having a wee one and working on a book meant that I was limited in what I could do. However he’s now a big three year old who is happy to stay on the plot, play with his toys, and not go running off.

Baby Blackcurrants

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Shopping Tips – 20 April 2015

Apologies for the delay with the shopping tips this evening. Real life got in the way!

Wholesome Ireland Shopping Tips 20 April 2015Without further fuss here are the shopping tips for the week ahead. I’ve changed the format around a bit to make it all easier to read. I hope it does anyway. All feedback appreciated (as always). Continue reading Shopping Tips – 20 April 2015

Shopping Tips – 13 April 2015

This week’s shopping tips have some real gems so I recommend you read right to the bottom! I have to say that the range of fresh products available in the major supermarkets is great. Still, there are also some decent products to be picked up on special offer, depending on what you’re interested in.Wholesome Ireland Shopping Tips 13 April 2015 Continue reading Shopping Tips – 13 April 2015

Bloom 2014 In Review

I was going through my camera files the other day and realised I had some lovely pictures that I wanted to share but never got around to it. As I’m part of The Sodshow* team, we spent an awful lot of time at Bloom 2014. I had the camera in hand most of the time and snapped when I got the chance.Sodshow Stock Image Continue reading Bloom 2014 In Review

Shopping Tips – 6 April 2015

It might be a Bank Holiday Monday, but the shopping tips still have to be done. I’m doing this up early so so I can make the most of the sunshine in the garden. I hope you had a great weekend and have had a chance to chill out.

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