Learning To Walk Alone

Learning To Walk Alone - Caitriona Redmond

It’s been 7 and a half years since I first carried a child inside. In Irish/Gaelic the term for pregnancy is “ag iompair clainne”. Literally translated this means “carrying a family”. When my first child was born, I still carried him in a sling, in a carrier, and he then eventually graduated to the buggy. At the time he just about was ready to walk independently without the buggy on standby his little brother arrived. And so I continued to walk with my children. Hand-in-hand, side-by-side. [Read more…]

Potato Pizza

Potato Pizza - Caitriona Redmond

When I peel potatoes I always peel at least twice as many as I need for a meal. If I’m going to invest my time at the kitchen sink peeling spuds, then I might as well make it worth my while. Once mashed, I divide the potatoes into 2 sections – 1 to cool for freezing, and 1 for the main meal. Frozen mash is one of my kitchen secrets because I keep it on standby for busy days or quick suppers.

How do I cook the mash once defrosted though? Mash and gravy are one of life’s luxuries and there is nothing like a spoon of mash made with plenty of black pepper, topped with a runny poached egg. Excuse me while I drool on my keyboard at the thought.

Sometimes I do fancy something different, and this is where the idea of the potato pizza was born. The trick is to cook the base until it’s crispy on a low heat before adding the other ingredients. This adds to the cooking time, but really it’s not long when it comes to active-cooking time as it takes only 10 minutes to assemble. [Read more…]

Shopping Tips – 24 August 2015

Wholesome Ireland Shopping Tips Graphic


The Shopping Tips are below. Before you scroll on down though I have some great news to share.

It’s been nearly a year since I started writing the shopping tips (where has the time gone?). As you all know, I write them independently and don’t accept sponsorship/advertising on the tips.


I was recently approached by a national newspaper to see would I like to write some extra shopping tips on a regular basis to go into print. My first Smart Spender column for the Irish Independent appeared just over a week ago, and you can pick up the newspaper this coming Thursday to read my next. It feels really fantastic to see my hard work turn into something that I can hold in my hand. So, the food-based shopping tips on Monday will continue on the blog, and then every fortnight there’s a bonus general Smart Spender in the newspaper.


[Read more…]