Shopping Tips – 23 February 2015

Here are my shopping tips for the week beginning 23 February 2015. They include all the major supermarkets in Ireland. If you’d like to be included or have a product deal you’d like highlighted please do get in touch. Details are below.

Yesterday put paid to any plans of working outdoors and I ended up on a short visit North of the border. The exchange rate isn’t brilliant at the moment so even though fuel prices are down, making it cheaper for us to visit, value isn’t what it used to be. For anybody wondering, I found fresh fruit and vegetables to be roughly about the same price, meat was slightly more expensive in the supermarkets. Specialist ingredients though were cheaper and this because the major supermarkets tend to have a better range than we see down South. Continue reading Shopping Tips – 23 February 2015

Warming Soup

After 5 days in a row at the allotment, I’m taking a break today. It has been great to get back to work, even if it’s a bit hard going at the start of the year. We’ve been adding to our raised beds, changing the format of the polytunnel, and much more. This warming soup has been on the go all week. I made a couple of batches. The gentle heat instantly starts working as soon as I have a bowl in my hand, and the fresh bitter greens along with citrus hit from the lemon is a real change to a classic thick blended soup.

The key to making the soup last is to add the greens just before serving, then a decent squeeze of fresh lemon juice. The base of the warming soup will keep for a little bit longer that way and you keep the fresh, vibrant green colours in the broth.Warming Soup - Wholesome Ireland - Caitriona Redmond Continue reading Warming Soup

Shopping Tips – 16 February 2015

I confess I haven’t spent much time in the shops in the past week. With the weather improving it’s been a great chance to catch up on work in the house, and on the allotment.

I did pick up a “starter herb kit” in Lidl during the weekly shop for €1.99 – it contains 4 different herbs so it’ll be interesting to see how I get on with it. The 6 year old broke his school boots so I got him a new pair in the Clarkes outlet store in Kildare Village for €20 which was great value considering the normal retail price. I didn’t get anything else while we were there. I found the whole place quite expensive.

This week’s shopping tips are ready to go though and there are definitely bargains to be had. Don’t forget that it’s Pancake Tuesday tomorrow and Chinese New Year on Thursday, it’s still a great time to pick up baking ingredients and Asian cooking ingredients and stock up the store cupboard. Not forgetting that all the supermarkets have fish on special because Ash Wednesday is this week as well. Continue reading Shopping Tips – 16 February 2015

Raspberry Brownies

I’ve come over a bit romantic and have been revisiting my favourite recipes just in time for Valentine’s Day. This is not sugar-free, gluten-free or fat-free. This is a whole sugar, fat, wheat in your face kind of dessert that is perfect with a spoon of whipped cream or even eaten warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

I don’t want to be virtuous all the time, everything is okay in moderation.

Of course the raspberries are frozen as they’re out of season, but that’s okay!Raspberry Brownies Wholesome Ireland Continue reading Raspberry Brownies

Shopping Tips – 9 February 2015

One of the things that I love about typing up this list is that I benefit too. I can honestly say that I’ve picked up a good few of the deals from my shopping tips this week and saved money in the process. Here’s hoping you save some hard-earned money too. Continue reading Shopping Tips – 9 February 2015