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How to reduce your grocery bill by budgeting. Blog Series.

This Week’s Groceries

While the days have passed in a blur of exciting things like interviews and book launches, the daily chores still have to be done. I know that many people wonder what we eat every week and how I manage the budget. I’ve already been out shopping today and here is what I have bought for the week ahead. I’m also sharing my meal plan for next week so you can see how it can be done. Continue reading

Our Food Choices(1)

What Drives Our Food Choices?

The OECD say that the share of people feeling that they cannot afford food has climbed to 10%. As I detailed in my recent blogpost, if you cannot afford food, there is little structure in place for those who find themselves going hungry.  If you do not want to seek assistance from a religious organisation, your options are further limited.

Continue reading

What Happens If You Have No Food?

I was all geared up to write a post about buns, cupcakes and fairycakes. Honestly. I even had photographs ready to go and then something stopped me in my tracks.  Namely the BBC programme for Sports Relief that aired on Wednesday and Thursday nights, called “Famous, Rich And Hungry” and then that got me thinking. What would happen if I had no food left in my house today? Continue reading