Laoise Heaven & Hell Chiffon

Great Irish Bake Off Challenge Week 10 Winner

There is no new challenge this week, as the Great Irish Bake Off Challenge has come to an end. I do have a winner however.

The banter this week on Twitter has been great. I believe we may have a budding romance on the cards after this challenge.  If so, I must insist on a slice of wedding cake eventually!  There were 6 entrants who took on the challenge of baking a chiffon cake for the final week.  The winner baked the Heaven & Hell cake as featured on the Great British Bake Off final last week.

Anyway knowing the winner this week as I do I’m sure she has already started tweeting and squealing to himself that she finally won a stage of the competition before completely winning the blogpost. Congratulations to Laoise.  It was a unanimous verdict in the end so that’s a very nice win indeed. Do please email me directly with your address and telephone contact details so that I can arrange for the lovely people from Dr Oetker Baking Ireland to dispatch your prize (see below).

Here is my final collage (wipes a tear):

Natasha Peters from the Velvet Moon Baker entered again this week and received a highly commended from the judges for her seasonal, lime Halloween chiffon cake.  Diane Masterson outdid herself with a jaffa chiffon cake and some very impressive fondant fancies.

There were 3 tweeted entries this week. They came from Baking Bachelor who baked the hell section of the same winning cake and decorated it with macarons, Peggy Falbo who made a chiffon cake with a twist by including apple crumble and Paola who made a key lime chiffon cake with strawberrys.  Some fantastic bakes for the last competition I must say.

Well done also to Cathleen Kennedy who made a beautiful lemon & lime chiffon cake this week. Unfortunately due to a technical glitch I didn’t get her pictures in time for the judging but I had to share this gorgeous cake with you all.

It goes without saying that I couldn’t have done it without my great judges week after week who were:

Colette from Cakes, Bakes and Other Bits

MaggieG from Food Born And Bred

Patrick Lennon

Caitríona McBride from She Writes Food also stood in when 1 of the judges was out of the country so thank you also Caitríona.

A big thanks goes to Dr Oetker Baking Ireland who sponsored every single prize in the competition for the full 10 weeks. They were a fantastic sponsor to have on board and I know that they have been watching and reading every entry as the weeks went past.

Not forgetting the readers and followers on Twitter and Facebook. It has been a blast.

It’s been an amazing 10 weeks of the challenge.  I’ll leave this category up for a little while and in a couple of weeks I’ll move it as there will be some changes to the blog.  The posts and winners will remain, just the little category tab will change.

What next, who knows?

  • Laoise

    WOW! What a competition C! Thanks so much for my lovely lovely prize, am delighted!

    • Wholesome Ireland

      Congratulations Laoise, well done!

  • kat

    Wow what an amazing final to the competition. All those cakes look amazing and well done Laoise that’s a showstopper!!

    • Wholesome Ireland

      Collating all of the cakes for the past 10 weeks has been sugar torture Kat! ;)

  • Cathleen Kennedy

    Well done to Laoise – must have taken ages. Gonna really miss this competition, really stretched my baking skills although have to say enjoyed making the chiffon cake more than i enjoyed eating it (didn’t like the texture) – my dad and the kids loved it tho!

    • Wholesome Ireland

      Well done Cathleen, a fabulous cake now up for all to see!

      • Cathleen Kennedy

        Thanks Caitriona

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