1. Mum of Invention

    My lot love a pudding like this and will be delighted with the pear and almond flavour. Is perry widely available in the shops? Gorgeous pics, you really make the light work.


    • Hi Catherine

      Perry is very widely available in the shops. You may know it as “Ritz” however I’m not sure that this would be perhaps the best match for my pudding. Kopparberg also do a Perry that’s on sale in most supermarkets but it is known as “pear cider”. Other smaller producers’ sell through independent off licences.

  2. This is definitely being made for Friday dessert, it looks wonderful. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find the muscovado sugar in the store. Would brown sugar be an acceptable subsitute? Also, I’m in the US and I’ve never seen Pear Cider in the supermarket. I’m going to go to a specialty shop and look around, is Perry carbonated?

    • Hi there Penelope
      Yes brown sugar should be fine. It may end up slightly drier than the original recipe but as you’ve a syrup to pour over the top I don’t think it’ll make a huge difference. You could substitute pear juice for the Perry if you like? Or indeed change the recipe to include apple cider & apples instead!

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