1. LaCuochina

    Love brussells sprouts but it’s not common to make it in my home because I’m the only one in love with these vegetables :/

    Should give this twist a try…

    Veru (www.veruskitchen.com)

  2. Edible Ireland

    These sound delicious! I’m a late convert to Brussels sprouts (we never once had them when I was growing up) so I’m making up for lost time.

    • I guess they could be an acquired taste but I love them all year around. Did you know that there is a native sprout plant that’s originally from the area of my town? I hope to grow them next year!

  3. Elizabeth McNally

    These look great, Caítríona. I became a Brussels sprouts convert when I started traveling to Ireland. They are well and truly loved there. Will have to share my favorite way to prepare them soon. Enjoy!

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