1. kathryn

    Totally with you on that tinny taste. And the bought ones are all too
    sweet for my taste too. I tend to use butter beans because that was the
    only kind of bean in the shops when I was growing up. And as often as
    not I use the pressure cooker – just cut back on the water. Some things
    don’t taste good out of a pressure cooker, some do – baked beans do in
    my book.Though getting a horribly expensive Swiss pressure cooker also improved flavours out of all recognition

  2. Nessa Robins

    I make some ‘baked beans’, with a similar recipe, almost every week & I never tire of them. So delicious, filling and low in fat. Lovely pic. :)

  3. Doris

    I have tried your recipe for the baked beans and they are really yummy. I am not a fan of the tinned variety, these taste so good and wholesome, thank you for sharing the recipe.

  4. Jane Boardman

    Is there 3 times the amount of fibre in the tinned baked beans than in your homemade ones? 1.7 gms versus 5.3gms

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