1. Just made this: a couple of transAtlantic comments – I had to add a generous splash of milk to the cake batter to loosen it up; the air here is much dryer and mine was practically crumbly without it. Also, Bramley apples (I didn’t even realise that was the proper name for “cookers”) are nowhere to be found here – I always use Granny Smiths for cooking.

    Also, some more guidance on measurements for the pan/baking dish would be helpful. I made a half quantity (I don’t have 16 people) in a round 9-inch casserole dish, about 2 inches deep, and it was just about big enough.

    Delicious, though. If anyone can tell me why my (authentic Birds powder) custard never thickens in this country, I’d love to know. I think they do something to the milk.

    • So first, your custard powder! It’s probably to do with the lactose quality in the milk. You just can’t get the same quality milk over there. Which is why our butter is yellow – you know that already! If you really must use the custard powder, add an extra teaspoon of cornflour to the mixture and it should thicken a bit better.

      Granny Smiths are perfect for this recipe. I use them when I can’t get a decent Bramley. The key is to have a very tart fruit – and no you’re not just limited to apples sandwiched between the sweet cake and crumble on top. It’s a balance kind of thing.

      The size dish I use – actually this is the exact dish I used to bake the crumble cake in. It’s the square of this pair from Ikea. http://www.ikea.com/ie/en/catalog/products/10150089/ One of their most versatile oven proof dishes and super value!

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