1. kathryn

    Just back from Sweden where dinner plates are MUCH smaller and food is placed in the centre of the table for everyone, including small children, to take themselves. Result at the dinner tables I shared was that everyone took small portions of everything, cleared their plates, then took second helpings of what they liked best. No waste. I didn’t see a child turn down anything – quite amazing after life here, the UK and the USA. Family meals I was part of were fairly simple though they ranged from roasts to Janssen’s temptation. Lots of simply steamed veg, boiled potatoes, lightly pickled veg, cold cuts and salads

      • Irmhild

        Yes, I grew up with food in the middle of the table, too!
        And in addition to the meat, spuds and veg we always had apple sauce (stewed apple, no sugar), a favourite with the kids and older generation, and a salad, there usually was soup before the main, and always some kind of dessert!
        But there were my mum and my grandmother cooking, and cooking for 7-10 people most days, I wouldn’t be able to dish up that kind of variety every day myself!
        A lot of the salads and fruit dishes were homegrown and canned in jars, we wouldn’t have had the money to buy it all fresh. Yellow bean salad, green been salad, sour kraut, red cabbage, apple sauce, canned cherries, plums, pears…

  2. kathryn

    On the chest freezer v upright issue I find it is essential to have both a stock book and a map for chest freezers so you don’t finish up with dead food at the bottom. I now have a clip for stock book and pencil sugrued onto mine, which is out in the shed. And I’ve got two small and one large upright in the house. I find I can afford organic meat if I buy a year’s supply at a time. Works out cheaper than conventional from the supermarket but you have to factor in the cost of the freezer and electricity. Sugru also mends broken fridge and freezer shelves :-)
    And dead chest freezers make brilliant apple stores

    • Very true. We got a small upright and I had a map along with list of meals/dishes. It’s nearly empty at this stage, ready to be filled again and I rotate in the half/half fridge/freezer in the kitchen.

  3. Great post, full of common sense tips and clever ideas to make a meal last longer. I already do the 2 chicken breasts to spread over 2 adults and 1 child. I buy mine at Courtney Meat, a wholesaler that has a great choice of meat for a good price. My chicken breasts are 1 euro a pop and I buy them by 20, freeze them by 2 and that lasts me about 3 months…

  4. CatherineAnn Minnock

    Love this. I’ve been working on my portion sizes lately. Most weight-loss tips are for people who eat nothing but fatty foods, but I didn’t really know what those of us who already eat relatively healthy foods would do… I’ll definitely try the smaller plate, it’s the most reasonable idea I’ve heard yet, aimed at real people!

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