1. Laoise

    This brought me right back down memory lane C, just how I used to have them when I was younger and still love them now :-) I love how food can do that.

    • Ah thanks Laoise. I know some people make them with sugar and eggs but honestly they don’t need them. The butter just gives them a little extra edge I think but you can leave that out too. I’m such a softy for family recipes. I think every family in Ireland has a recipe that’s a riff on this!

      • kathryn

        Perfect recipe here. I think eggs actually harden them and make them too dense. Don’t know who first decided eggs were a good thing in scones but they were deffo wrong. And we prefer them without sugar too, though I add it if I’m baking commercially since so many expect it. To my mind most people who add sugar put it in because they’ve put too much soda in and they need to counteract the resultant bitterness. If you use buttermilk you don’t need a lot of soda to get them light. I do agree about the butter -= leaving it out is false economy. Cheese is good occasionally though. Glad John Redmond appreciates his good luck in having you feed him

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