1. Hi Caítríona – thanks for visiting my blog and I am so glad that I have now arrived at your blog because it is simply brilliant! And it can’t have just been a coincidence that I arrive when you have just done chicken nuggets, the food that my son would eat morning, noon and night if I allowed him to. I might just try these!
    Excellent blog. I’ll be back soon!

  2. Hi Catriona, is there a print friendly version of this recipe? I woul dlove to try and make these for my family, but need to print it to bring home…. (i am sitting in work now pretending to work – oops).
    Thanks, Aisling

  3. Lisa

    Hi i have one child with a dairy intolerance(milk) would soya milk also tenderise the meat or can you make any other suggestion thanks

    • Hi Lisa. Soya milk wouldn’t but you could try marinating in a small amount of lemon or lime juice then patting dry before breadcrumbs. Alternatively this recipe will work fine without the marinade step. Best of luck!

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