1. ;-) Sheila.
    It was so tasty girls, just a pop of freshness which was just what I wanted this morning. The perfect start to the day, a stroll with the kids and the wonder on the 3YO’s face when I showed him the wild garlic was great. Have a wonderful weekend. x

  2. Looks really gorgeous C :)  I know where there is a patch and it’s really a good one, but it’s on a dangerous bend on a side road!  No wonder it flourishes.  Lovely pics too.

  3. Siobhán

    I LOVE poached eggs.  For years I’ve been using a poached egg as my dressing on a salad, with croutons and some grated parmesan – wild garlic would be gorgeous with that too.  Although don’t think I’d be finding it on any roadside in London soon :)   

  4. Actually Siobhán it was you doing it put me in mind to do it. ;-) Wild garlic by the roadside is the exact place you will find it or in a shady spot in a local park. It’s one of the great foraging foods.

  5. Siobhán

    Ah no way – that’s fab.  Add some blue cheese and a glass of chilled white wine and you got yourself a nice supper!  (That’s my foraging)

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