1. Patty

    What a great idea! Spring is having a hard time showing up here in Minnesota, this would be perfect on the gray, gloomy, cold days! Did you make your own garlic ginger paste or purchase it? Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Aidan, I buy a jar of the garlic & ginger paste in my local Asian foodstore for about €1.29 each. It lasts me a month give or take & I use it when I’m stuck for time. I’ve also seen it in my local greengrocers!

  2. The Dublin Diary

    This sounds lovely, I think it would be perfect for lunch at work, always looking for something quick and easy but also warm that I can bring in with me!

    • Hi Buttmonki the spring onion and carrot have different water content levels so I’m afraid they are better fresh in my experience. Carrots will keep in a crisper drawer of your fridge for up to 1 month providing it is not wrapped in plastic and is resting on some dry kitchen paper. You could try slicing the spring onions and then freezing them in a sandwich bag but I’m not sure how successful this would be. They’re not essential. You can make this recipe without both as you have plenty of vegetables from the sweetcorn & peas!

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