1. Emily

    Very exciting Caitriona! We also found that a paddling pool in the polytunnel on warm days was a complete hit, with just an inch or two of water. And have you read Klaus Leitenberger from the Organic Centre? An EXCELLENT book. Joy Larkam too!

    • kathryn

      Great thing about Klaus’ books is that you know if he can grow it in Leitrim it’ll work anywhere – unlike books written in South of England. And couldn’t agree more about paddling pools to keep kids happy in the polytunnel. And when they get too old (the paddling pools not the kids) they make great raised beds

  2. You have been busy – I used to put my children in a large cardboard box so you are very posh. Can’t wait for the pig reports, interested to see how you get on there.

    • Tempting as a large cardboard box may be Amee, this little fella would have escaped within seconds. It’s not posh! When he ran off across the other plots yesterday I was considering building a cage. The pigs are going to be very interesting!

    • Haha Jesse I know the feeling. I’ll be putting in chicken wire as soon as possible. I think it’s more of a containment thing for the 17 month old than a deterrent for rabbits!

  3. kathryn

    Nicky Kyle’s monthly “What to do now in your polytunnel” is better than anything I’ve read in the books. Nickykylegardening.com

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