1. kathryn

    Seems to me the point of crisps is to be crisp – that’s why crisp butties are so good too. Crispy potato and soft sliced pan (about the only use I have for a sliced pan). And for me it has to be dark chocolate if you are pairing it with cheese – well to be honest, it has to be dark chocolate anyway

    • I’d be inclined to agree on all counts. It’s a novelty but I’m not sure I’d be eating it again. There is something quite decadent about dipping the crisps yourself into warm chocolate.

  2. Emily

    Having made your crips and choc combo a few weeks ago, I think I’d need the ratio of crisps to be greater than choc. But. I am prepared to give these a whirl (for research purposes of course)

  3. llain

    Sis sent a bar to me as I live in Asia. Tried it last night and not impressed. Combination doesn’t work unless as a kid you binged on crisps and chocolate at the same time, which never appealed to me! The chocolate is like any milk chocolate i.e. sugar and the crisps give a cheesy, mouldy aftertaste.

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