1. Minnie .

    We are a family of 4 and spend €100 a week on groceries, often less. I don’t even spend €175 at Christmas. We are €11 over threshold for a GP card and the last GP visit cost me €60 to see both kids and €71 for antibiotics and steriods for both, meaning we had ZERO for food that week. It’s so tough.

    • Oh Minnie that is very tough. I know how difficult we would find it if we didn’t have a medical card. Like you say we would have zero for food on the weeks we had to visit the doctor without it. If I can suggest that you get your GP & Pharmacist to give you a printout of your costs for the last calendar year and submit them with a new application. If your income is that close to the limit, the bills might be the amount to tip it in the right direction.

  2. Looking for Blue Sky

    My budget is not as tight, but I can’t imagine spending €175 a week for the 4 of us, and that’s with three fussy eaters. It would also be a lot less if we just drank tap water…

  3. Laura Murray

    Thanks for this- i do something similar. I take out the cash at the start of the week and try to stick to it. It is still a process in the making- I haven’t prefected it yet but boping to get that bill down to €60 for the three of us.

  4. MidlifeSinglemum

    Very inspiring post. I’m also trying to cut down on food expenses so I’m always on the look out for good tips.

  5. Kim

    As a non-meat eater I find it much cheaper to east wholesome foods. You’d be amazed how long a bag of cous cous or polenta lasts. Aldi is great for cheap veg to go with it and even Super Valu are getting in on the act with loads of fruit and veg at 67c.

    • Thanks Kim. We don’t eat meat everyday anyway. :-) For fruit & veg we do grow our own but are only getting started in a new allotment. Our meat for the week as you see above has cost €12.99 so it’s a relatively small portion of our food budget.

  6. Kim

    Thanks for the reply. You’ve a great blog here. I appreciate you don’t eat much meat. I still buy some for the kids and can’t get over how expensive it is for the “good” stuff like free-range etc. I’d love to grow my own veg too. Must be so satisfying.

  7. No need for the mammy guilts, good quality food is far better than supplements any day. Great post and very inspiring. So many of us trying to make money streeeeetch now-a-days.

  8. annreynolds

    I have started to take out the money once a week too for groceries but with a leaving cert student coming home nearly every day for more money re projects find it very hard to keep within the budget. Really do think schools need to buy more in bulk so that pupils can buy items from the school cheaper without having to drive miles to get item too.

    • Oh Home Ec – the bane of my life. One of the recipes a few weeks ago called for nutmeg. So I gave the 13yo a whole nutmeg. The teacher decided they couldn’t use their graters for it and she was told not to put it into the recipe unless she had bought a jar of ground nutmeg. Honestly!

  9. jenna @ thehoneymoonkitchen

    Just stumbled across your blog. I really admire your honesty and wisdom in regard to how to budget and spend your money wisely. Prudence is an invaluable skill to have, and not just during the current economic climate. Thank you for sharing this!

  10. Shaye Walsh

    Hi! I wanted to know if you could email me back to discuss us possibly collaborating on something? Great read! Thanks so much!

    – Shaye

    shayewalsh1 (@) gmail (.) com

  11. Martina

    Hi, love your website and blog, its so full of interesting information. I was wondering could you recommend cheap cuts of meat that i cut buy to stock up my freezer either for stews or for daily dinners. we love meat and poultry in our house so like to stock up every few months. all ideas would be great.

    • Hi Martina & thanks for your kind words.
      When it comes to cheap cuts of meat, I’ve found that while you can buy cheaper cuts, they take longer to cook and more time to prepare so in the end cost near to the same as medium cuts. We normally use a lot of minced meat (beef, pork, lamb & turkey) as minced meat would be cheaper anyway. I also buy whole chickens because I’ll get 2 main meals and a load of stock from each bird. Cuts like stewing steak/meat can be cheap to buy but do bear in mind they will take longer cutting. It’s all something to think about!

  12. Martina

    Thanks for that advise. I use alot of mince myself, bolognase, lasagne, mince and pasta, there is so many uses, its very versatile and yes we do eat alot of chicken also. I got such inspiration from your blog that on Saturday i spent the day cooking up dinners for the week – 2 lasagnes, 2 pots of soup (10 lunches made from that) and some lovely apple pudding. there was no much else to do on saturday with the weather. It was great to have been very organised for the week. so thank you for the blog.

  13. Stay home mammy

    Just have to say I was after watching the uk program Superscrimpers and said I would have a look online and see if there was anything for Ireland. Came across your blog and have been comforted by it. I really love this post as I go through the same and look at it as a challenge but a good one. Im naturally competitive and so this drives me to do better each week. In the past 2 years I have gone from losing my job as a bookshop manager to a stay at home mum with a husband working for a company has been making redundancies over the last two years so things have been stressful about watching our pennies in case tomorrow, there are no more coming in.
    My tip is to look at the aldi website before I go grocery shopping and plan my meal plan around their super 6. This has cut my grocery bill significantly and I have a 7 month old and a 20 month old, both in nappies and one on formula. Love your free print outs.

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