1. Edible Ireland

    The ingredients list sounds a lot like flapjacks, except for the flour. Would you say they taste similar? I’ve had a fierce flapjack craving recently. These sound like they would be absolute heaven with a cuppa. There’s just something about oats and tea together.

  2. Jennifer Crosbie

    First time to comment, hope that’s ok. So far i’ve made your little white buns yesterday, myself n himself loved them so much that i’ve another batch proofing at the mo. Anyway, quick question about these ginger crumbles. I don’t have an crystallised ginger, could I use fresh?

  3. Orna Devine

    Have been dreaming of these biscuits since I spotted them on fb and just about to make them and realised I need wholewheat flour! I don’t have any. Any chance cream flour would do the same job?

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