1. The Dublin Diary

    Sounds like a lovely long weekend! Wonderful that you got to visit Anfield (I’m not being sarcastic!!!) Living in Drogheda we never got to stay over in Butlins/Mosney as it was so close and I always felt hard done by!!! Strangely my parents thought nothing of renting a caravan in Clogherhead for a couple of weeks every year! (I’m thinking it was probably pretty expensive to stay at the camp overnight) As a teenager I traveled to Trabolgan and had my first “holiday camp” experience… all I can say it’s best to enjoy this when the kiddies are under 12!!! :) Thanks for sharing!

      • The Dublin Diary

        lol! That’s be a hoot! :) We were there around 83-87 Stayed in the site beside Primrose Cottage.:)

          • The Dublin Diary

            To be honest I don’t want to remember, far too embarrassing! This is too funny! When I think back about it, it was all so primitive, you wouldn’t get away with it now with children! We used to have to go and get our water from a well!!! And I’m pretty sure we didn’t have a fridge. No wet suits either! Loved every minute though.

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