1. You know what’s impossible to find in a regular grocery store in
    America? Ground almonds, that’s what. They’re not standard baking-aisle
    fare here like they are at home. I’ve ground my own in the food processor, but they don’t get as fine and it’s a pain. (Maybe I could find them in a fancy foodstore, I haven’t tried that hard. But it means that I’m less likely than I would otherwise be to make this, which is either (both) a great pity and probably just as well.)

    • Okay so I don’t know whether you’ll thank me or curse me! You’ll looking for almond meal & it’s in the health food section of Trader Joe’s & also in Wholefoods. If you have an Armenian or Eastern European store nearby you’d get it there too. I hope it’s some help?

  2. Dr Hows Science Wows

    Ooh, quick and tasty… I’m convinced! I even have all the ingredients… think this might be a little Sunday treat!

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