1. Sinead - Bumbles of Rice

    HOW does this post have zero comments? My comment might just be longer than the original post, I’ve a lot to say on this ;)

    I’ve done a few different permutations of the work model- I worked full time before Baby no 1, was taken back on reduced hours due to lack of business after he was born to a 3 day week, then cut to 2 days, was put on temporary lay off 8 weeks before baby no 2 born, was made redundant when he was 9 months and went back to work 5 days and with 3 commuting hours per day when he was 11 months. And I’m currently on maternity leave awaiting No. 3’s arrival (That’s my potted history!)

    You’re right C that working full time is very different when you are a parent, especially if you’re the one on child collection duty in the evening, your priorities change completely, you simply have to leave at your appointed time. Work doesn’t end when you get home, there’s the lunchbox drill, the getting ready for the next day.

    For the stay at home mum bit I have to agree that it’s relentless, constant wees, poos, juice requests and “Mammeeeee”s.

    Here’s my comparison/pros and cons along these lines, based on my own experiences

    Stay at home
    Always on call
    No time to yourself
    Nice dinners
    TIme with the kids
    Less Mammyguilt

    Full time work (plus commute in my case)
    Always on call to someone
    Time to yourself at lunchtime and on the drive (audiobook time)
    Complications when delayed, sick kids
    Exhausting (Yes I know its above too)
    HORRENDOUS Mammyguilt about everything
    Tend to spend time with the kids better, actually do things with them (when energy permits!)
    Adult conversation

    Part time work
    Always on call to someone
    Enjoy adult conversation at work
    Enjoy time with kids
    More pressure at work getting 3 days work done in 5
    Complications with sick kids and being late to collect
    Healthy enough amount of Mammyguilt

    Less cash in the bank account

    • There is no winning for sure. I think that it must be very hard to find the right balance whatever you do. Because I do so much voluntary work from home though I find it difficult to juggle calls/emails/paperwork with the boys around during the day too. Aaaaggghhhh I suppose it’ll get better when they’re like 30!

      • Caroline@Bibliocook

        I don’t think anyone is happy – all of the time – no matter what they do! I don’t get this Mammy guilt thing though. There are enough people out there to put you down without putting yourself through the mill for doing things the best possible way that you can.

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