1. Edible Ireland

    I have the exact same memory – as I’m sure any woman who has had a baby in an Irish hospital does. I remember that before I went in for my first, someone even said to me that the tea and toast they give you after the baby is born is the best tea and toast you’ll ever have in your life, and they were so right.

  2. Caroline

    That too would have to be my best meal. The toast was just amazing!! And now all I want is Tea and Toast and I’m out of bread. :(

  3. Oh yes – totally get it! I also remember going for a midnight swim after pub closing time with a gang of friends and then all of us falling back to mine shivering with the cold and making the best tea and toast in the world ever. Hard to beat it is! Get well soon lovely xx

  4. This is the first thing I’ve ever read that makes me wish I’d had my babies in Ireland! (I had Burger King takeout for dinner after the first, and I don’t think I had anything until breakfast time after the second, as she was born late at night. I bet in Ireland they bring you tea whatever time it is.

  5. Lisa Buckland

    after my first I had tea and toast but was too ill and shaky to appreciate it (it made a return appearance not long after as well!). After my second they brought me a little lunch box with a tuna sandwich, yoghurt, carton of juice and a mandarin. I remember it perfectly and I remember telling my husband how AMAZING it was. It was the best thing I have ever eaten!

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