1. Sinéad Ledwidge

    What a lovely idea :-)Like you I use the Chive flowers in salads and also in omelettes.Last week I decorated a homemade pizza with them and basil leaves.It did look pretty.I will definitely make the vinegar this week.Thanks for another great idea

  2. kathryn

    Reminded me I had a whole case of Devid Llewellyn’s vinegar hardly started on – so that’d be chive flower vinegar, elderflower vinegar, meadowsweet vinegar, thyme flower vinegar – now what other flowers would work well……..Christmas present making time. You can never start too soon

      • kathryn

        Just remembered rose petal vinegar – flavour and colour and stupenous. And rose petal vodka is pretty good too – Nicky makes a mean one

  3. Karen Warr

    Every year, just as my chive flowers pass their prime, I remember that I want to make this. At the moment they are dried up and dropping seeds everywhere (which is fine because my five-year-old eats so many chives straight out of the yard my poor plants can barely keep up). One of these days…

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