1. The Dublin Diary

    We’ve got the free cheese in work for the past few summers, I thought it was pretty good as far as a mass processed product can be, better than a lot we can buy in the shop. It’s gone a long way, we have a great cook so there’s been cheese toasties, quiches, baked potatoes, you name it! I’ll pass this recipe on to her.

    The big question I have though is, what are they doing with the wine lakes?

  2. Caroline@Bibliocook

    As a habitue of my local St v de P charity shop, I was given a chunk of this – very welcome! – cheese. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. We used a lot in pasta bakes and these Spinach & Ricotta Balls.

    • You’re the 3rd person who has mentioned that they acquired it without having to make a case for it! Very interesting to see how it is distributed. I have found it a very nice piece of cheese!

  3. Liana Drummond

    Hi Catriona, I follow your blog with interest and I would like to make two observations, please take them lightly! :) First point is that I think you cheated a little, because this is essentially a posh cheese on toast! :D The other point is a question… was this an experiment or does your friend receive more cheese than she really needs?
    I come from a place where hunger and hardship is unfortunately very common, it astonishes me to think people here in Ireland struggle as well, your blog is very down to earth and real, but also very uplifting I must say!
    Hope you’re enjoying the summer and that your tomatoes ripe soon!

    • Hi Liana. Thanks for dropping by!
      Firstly yes. I guess it was cheating, I was stuck for time yesterday & sacrificed invention for the sake of the message. ;)
      Secondly yes, my friend is genuinely in need of food aid. Nutritional poverty is a big issue in Ireland along with hardship & a lack of means or many families.

    • Sorry – disqus is acting up today.
      My friend insisted on exchanging something for some treats I’d baked. Over 1,000 food parcels are handed out some weeks at the Capuchin Mission in Dublin. It’s amazing how in a land of plenty so many people go hungry.

  4. northsouthfood

    Great post! I’m kind of amazed by free cheese. I knew they had it in the States as ‘government cheese’ but no idea Ireland did the same. My amazement comes from the fact I find cheese incompatible with budget eating. You either eat loads of bread with it or you have to turn the oven on, so I avoid it. But that’s probably because *whisper* I hate melted cheddar…

    • I think that the UK may have similar food aid though so I wonder where the cheese & rice ends up? Personally I find eggs to be far better for frugal eating! And thank you for being such an inspiration.

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