1. Marian Heelan

    Dear Caitriona, of course you get worried now and again, you’re human!

    Hopefully you’re feeling a bit better now you got that off your chest. Share the good AND the bad.

    Take a deep breath and just relax for a few minutes … or get really mad, pummel the cushions and kill a pillow or two. (You could always name the pillows…)

    You’re doing such a great job- take a bow! Your family are so lucky to have such a wonderful woman – giving them the best of everything with so little money.

    A big hug,
    from Marian

  2. G. Allyn

    You sound VERY organized and should be proud of yourself. So many people around the world are in the same situation, the only difference is you are honest and talking about your day to day “worries” about family finances. I applaud you!

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