1. G. Allyn

    First off Caitriona, your little one is completely adorable! It is nice to see your family has ended up with a wonderful corn crop this season. In my part of the world, the mid-west in the U.S., the end of August is corn harvest.
    I don’t know if this sounds good to you, but I thought I would pass the idea along and it could be tweeked to the tastes in your region. Like you, I enjoy developing recipes and saving money. A nearby specialty food store sold this item for 3.50USD in @ 1 cup size, so I came up with my own recipe. You can use this as a side dish or a vegetarian meal. Recipe uses: cooked orzo, fresh sweet corn (cooked), kale (heavy stems removed, cooked), butter, cream, parmesean cheese (grated), fresh lemon juice, kosher salt and pepper. I make a huge batch and freeze in portions, so there is no excuse to not eat something pretty healthy, since the butter and cream is used in such small amounts in the recipe.

    • Thanks G. Allyn. Actually the sweetcorn is normally harvested around then too but we (whisper) grew ours in the polytunnel which is why it is ready now! That recipe sounds very interesting, I don’t have kale quite yet but I will certainly try it out in the Autumn. Thank you!

  2. The Dublin Diary

    I’m not going to be able to make your demo Caítríona :( I’ll be away until the 20th. Really bummed to be missing it.

    An old woman I used to work with in New York used to say that you should never let the sun set on corn! I think she meant that you should pick it when you’re going to eat it and not before! Seems like you’re pretty lucky in that department! :)

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