1. Lisa

    Ohh sounds great, I usually shop in Aldi but will pop in to lidl for this leaflet.

    Have you watched save with Jamie on TV? It is two episodes in and i am enjoying it, although his 15 minute meals book I found to be a disaster so will not be running out to buy this one!

    • Yes indeed Lisa I’ve been watching it. I received a copy of the book yesterday to review and I’ll be detailing it next week. It is very interesting. Lovely food all the same on the TV show anyway.

  2. CatherineAnn Minnock

    Have wanted to make that since I saw the Hairy Bikers do so a while ago… I’ll definitely be trying this! Thanks for sharing with us! I posted on my blog today about school lunch/snack ideas and thought you might be interested in some for your kids. I love coming up with ideas that are tasty and filling, but don’t cost the earth! I’m hoping to have more up soon. If you want to take a look, it’s here :) http://2013unluckyforsome.blogspot.ie/2013/09/a-healthy-appetite-at-school.html (Hope it’s OK that I’m advertising!! haha)

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