1. Susan FitzGerald

    Loving the coffee biscuits idea! When we brought the Tassimo to hubby’s Healthy Eating & Meal Planning demo it was a big hit- especially the Hot Chocolate. LOL :-) Some of us (like me) will always love the most unhealthy option!

  2. Those biscuits look yum, I’d never have thought of putting ground coffee into them (I usually use instant for cooking) and that chocolate dollop on the top is just begging to be licked off!!

  3. The Dublin Diary

    The biscuits look really delicious, must give them a go. We have a Nepresso and have saved a fortune since getting it. The other day when I was waiting for it to heat up (30 seconds) I was moaning that it take so long … what’s wrong with me?!?! lol! I could never go back to my cafetiere!

  4. That’s why I bought a Nespresso for my coffee-addicted boyfriend who was spending close to €25 a week on takeaway coffee- the machine paid for itself within two months and the price of the capsules is quite affordable. Major savings and pretty good coffee!

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