Oh So Quiet

You may have noticed it’s oh so quiet here in the Wholesome household. Normally I post new blog updates at least twice a week. There’s always a recipe to be found or tips. At the moment though, I’m lucky if I manage to make it through the day with the same number of children I started with.

I’m not going to bore you with the gory details. I’ve been having some issues health wise the past couple of months which are seriously sapping my energy. Dinners around here have been of the meat and three veg variety, lunches have been crackers or plain ole sambos and we’ve been snacking on fruit or the odd shop bought treat.

As I mentioned in September, it is so much harder to stick to my principles when I’m feeling under the weather. My daily goals have gone from cleaning the house, caring for the kids, doing the school run, getting recipes tested and shot, to managing to get dressed and serving up a hot meal.

There is so much I want to write about and I hope that I can get back to blogging in earnest in the next few days. Just I’d received a couple of messages from regular readers wondering what was going on so I figured I’d do a little update. 

Stay well.

  • Eadaoin

    Sorry to hear you’re feeling so under the weather Caitriona, you sound exhausted. It can be hard to give yourself the time you need to heal when you have a young family to look after. I think you’re right to let the blogging slide, just do the essentials for the house & family and then take what remaining time you can for yourself to get better xx

    • http://wholesomeireland.com/ Wholesome Ireland

      Thanks E. Much appreciated. x

  • Lisa

    Get well soon. And just take care of yourself the blog will wait!

    • http://wholesomeireland.com/ Wholesome Ireland

      Thanks Lisa x

  • Rose

    Hope you’re feeling better soon. Take it easy on yourself

    • http://wholesomeireland.com/ Wholesome Ireland

      Thanks Rose I will.

  • http://auroralapetite.wordpress.com/ auroralapetite

    Get well, Caitriona. The blog will wait until you’re better and life has settled down. Sometimes just getting through the day is a major victory!

    • http://wholesomeireland.com/ Wholesome Ireland

      Indeed. Thanks Aurora. x

  • GastroGays

    Feel better C, sending positive and healthy vibes xx P&RJ

    • http://wholesomeireland.com/ Wholesome Ireland

      Awww you gays…. ;) Sending you much love from home. xxx

  • CharlesR57

    I am so sorry that you are not feeling well.
    I hope that you are seeing a Dr.
    I will be praying for a return to good health and well being.

    God Bless

    • http://wholesomeireland.com/ Wholesome Ireland

      Thank you Charlie I am indeed. Your thoughts are much appreciated. x

  • Sinead – Bumbles of Rice

    Hope you’re feeling well soon Caitriona, for what it’s worth I think that three veg is pretty impressive, and without any health issues I also feel challenged to do anything other than keep my kids alive from one end of the day to the next. Give yourself a break and hopefully your energy will return soon. S

    • http://wholesomeireland.com/ Wholesome Ireland

      Thanks S. I am resting and sleeping loads. x

  • Mum of Invention

    Hi Caitriona, so sorry that you’ve having trouble with your health. It’s v.disheartening to find your energy stores reduced to zero, and very easy to lose your optimism. I hope you have good health advisors, an accurate diagnosis and manageable therapeutic interventions. Catherine

    • http://wholesomeireland.com/ Wholesome Ireland

      Thank you Catherine. I do indeed and in fact I’m very lucky to be “in the system” as opposed to trying to get in from the outside. ;)

  • AmandaT

    Hi it’s tough going for everyone while in their best of health,hope your feeling better soon+try+rest.I am very impressed your giving out 3 veg-I only do that on Sundays!Mind yourself.

    • http://wholesomeireland.com/ Wholesome Ireland

      Thanks AmandaT. Potatoes count as vegetables right???

  • Sunny scattered

    Everything is harder when you’re not feeling great, the fact that you’re still doing everything you mentioned is fantastic. When I’m not great we generally revert to cereal and toast or pancakes (I’m eternally grateful to the kids creche for keeping them well fed). Go easy on yourself, forget the standards till you’re feeling better. Path of least resistance!!

    • http://wholesomeireland.com/ Wholesome Ireland

      Thank you Sunny scattered. Exactly how I’ve been feeling at the moment. xxx

  • Joanna

    Oh, Caitriona, take care. Thinking of you. x

    • http://wholesomeireland.com/ Wholesome Ireland

      Thank you Joanna. x

  • Looking for Blue Sky

    I didn’t realise that you had been feeling poorly for a couple of months, really hope you get the chance to slow down and get better xx

    • http://wholesomeireland.com/ Wholesome Ireland

      Thanks C. I’ve started to rearrange some commitments so that I am getting more rest. ;)