1. Lisa

    i ordered maybe 3 weeks ago with the same €20 off and was thrilled with the service… granted we only shop for two! I found it helped me only buy what was on my list and no naughty treats. After i purchased my first order, i got an email with free delivery codes for 3 weeks and €25 off over the course of 3 weeks… we live 16k from tesco and were aldi shoppers so they have won us over for a month at least (im 3 weeks shopping with them now.) I still get my water, clothes washing gel, toilet paper and some doggy denti stix in Aldi as they cant be beaten on price with them items.

  2. The Dublin Diary

    Interesting blog post, most people seem to have your experience but I could rant about Tesco’s delivery service for hours! The crux of the problem is that they hate coming into the city centre I think. Other than meat and veg I buy everything from Tesco Online but I only order once a month. It means that the delivery charge is spread out over more time so becomes more reasonable in the long run. I know not everyone can plan meals for a month but I hate doing my meal plans so I spend one afternoon doing the next months worth and then I don’t need to think about it again. As I see it Tesco Online is a necessary evil for me! :)

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  4. bryantbunch

    My son-in-law in New York wanted some Quik Banana flavored powder and they only sell it in the UK. So I ordered some from tesco, had them deliver it and pahe did only 2 pounds for them to bring it to me which is a round trip of 30 miles! I could have opted for the 1 pound delivery but that would be from 10-11 pm which was a bit late. I am excited to order and entire shopping list! The delivery driver could not have been nicer! On time too!

  5. Paula

    I’ve used online ordering quite a bit over the years but don’t use Tesco as they’re not close to me and when ordering frozen food, I prefer to use the nearest store! It’s very handy when you’re under the weather for sure but I learnt the hard way that you need to accept what you order and what you’d choose yourself may not be the same. You learn! Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  6. Rachel Gordon

    Hi Caitriona,
    Just had my first ever online shopping delivered after deciding to try it based on your post (and based on the €20 discount if I’m honest). I have to say that I would shop that way again purely for the experience of the super lovely delivery man who could not have been more pleasant! However, pretty sure that Aldi was still cheaper for a lot of items and I was surprised at the items that weren’t available, no beef mince for example, seems a bit of a basic item to be out of! Have decided that it’s definitely going to be something I’ll do when I have a super busy weekend planned though, very handy!

    • Goodness that’s very odd that they had no beef mince in the store. The €20 discount did come in handy, and I agree it is great when you are busy or when you can’t make it to the supermarket. I far prefer a real shopping experience all the same. I’m glad you found it useful!

  7. Denis

    Just started with Tesco online grocery shopping three weeks ago and unfortunately have had major issues with their fresh veg and poultry. Twice had to return goods and today was the final straw ordered broccoli, carrots and chicken fillets. Broccoli was soggy as hell, carrots sell by date was today and one of the pack of four chicken fillets sell by date was today also. Fed up complaining so going to do in-store shopping from now on. Waste of time and money so far.

    • That is so disappointing. I do find that if I want decent fresh produce I have to go and buy it instore myself. It can be the luck of the draw whether you get somebody who has a good eye for freshness and quality or not – filling out your order. Mind you, for large, heavy non perishable items the delivery when it’s on discount is fantastic.

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