1. Emily

    Oh, looks completely yum. Have mince for dinner tonight, I think I’ll give this a whirl. Well done on the newspaper piece! X

  2. Lisa

    So much to do with it, and it’s so cheap a definite must have in my shopping every week… I would get 1lb to serve two people two meals! I like doing a shepards pie style dish… spaghetti bolognese, lasagna, burgers, chili con carne… fajitas..

  3. Anna Crosby

    Sounds and looks really tasty, you’ve just inspired me with what to do with the half a pound of mince in my freezer, thank you!

  4. kathryn

    Did wonder a bit about the amount of chilli in the picture – hope the lips and tongue have recovered by now. Seriously though, with lovely fresh allotment veg, or whatever is cheap ‘cos it’s in season a recipe like this stretches meat beautifully and deliciously. Pity we don’t have any cheap market veg stalls in Balbriggan these days for those who can’t grow their own. Farmers market and country market both badly missed and the supermarkets don’t seem to know about seasons.

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