1. I love this post – I’m obsessed with getting our family to eat together with no distractions. I think it’s so important. Most of our mealtime is spent jumping up and down to get another glass of milk for someone or a forgotten fork, and often the kids have finished half their meal (which is all they eat anyway :) ) before we get to really sit down. But we keep trying and every now and then, we have a perfect family meal (and I don’t mean the food ;) )

  2. kathryn

    Lovely smell of baking bread wafting up from the page. So important not to worry about mess in the kitchen when children are small – the skills, the sharing and the fun will stand to them all their lives but many people don’t cook with their children because of the cleaning up.

  3. CatherineAnn Minnock

    I make focaccia all the time! I love how quick and easy it is… I’m going to try this recipe right away! :) I make holes in mine and push in sprigs of fresh rosemary from the garden.

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