1. Thank you for sharing your kitchen with us, I could picture the loving and fun (albeit messy!) atmosphere there must be in there most of the time. I do believe that this is the best way to teach children how to eat healthy and have good food habits that will last them a lifetime. Well done on your little chap for his lovely caramel basket, here’s a little chef in the making no doubt!

  2. great post, thanks for sharing, my kids also love to help me out in kitchen, specially my little daughter loves cooking, she say one day i will become great chef, will be back for more keep posting.

  3. Regina

    Thanks for this lovely blog. We love to cook in my house but absolutely it gets very messy and chaotic at times but worth the effort. I hope my little ones are learning by osmosis!!

  4. Looking for Blue Sky

    My kids loved helping me out in the kitchen when they were little, and DD1 at 21 is now very interested in food and mostly cooks her own meals! So it’s definitely worth it :)

  5. kat89

    My children are grown now, but they always helped me in the kitchen. Sometimes it was frustrating for me, as having them help took at least twice as long and made a huge mess that I would have to clean later, but somehow I knew that these were memories we were making. Today, my oldest son does all of the cooking for his own family and has worked in restaurants for most of his adult life, and my youngest child is in culinary school right now studying to become a pastry chef. (She just completed an internship at Walt Disney World! She said it was every bit as much fun as you would think it would be!) Both of my children say it was because of the fun they had helping me in the kitchen that helped them make these career choices. Keep it up! You never know where it will lead!

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