1. Very interesting, I had never heard of those traditions. My husband is from Tipperary and seemingly, they didn’t celebrate Halloween at all when he was a kid…

      • I couldn’t listen to the podcast, didn’t work on my PC for some reasons? Yes, I’m not sure why they didn’t do anything at that time of year. In France, it’s the Allsaints we celebrate on the 1st November. It’s a time to remember our dead ones and bring flowers to the cemetery. That’s the only tradition I can remember…

  2. kathryn

    I’ve never found a way of making enough to have leftovers – stomachs expand to fit the amount of colcannon available in this family. And it might be rejected with the onion innovation.

    OK, seriously – crispy streaky bacon fried first and the leftovers fried crisp in the fat, a hollow made for each hungry person and an egg dropped in to fry there. Not at all wholesome by the time we’ve finished with it

  3. Daphne Bryson

    Good Morning Caitriona, Shame on me, I have never made Colcannon, but I have made Bubble and Squeak, which my husband loves. But I think I will put that to one side now, as I love the sound of Colcannon and I know my husband will love it, especially with a poached egg.
    I have signed up to follow you and I am now going to read some of your other lovely recipes.
    Best Wishes

  4. Debi @ Life Currents

    This looks great! I could totally go for some right now. I’ve never made Colcannon, but maybe this will push me to do so! Thanks for sharing your recipe. I’ve pinned it as well.

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