1. Karen T

    This is brilliant. I have been looking for something home baked for my daughter’s lunchbox. The school also has a healthy eating policy plus one of the other children has a severe egg allergy so this recipe is perfect – thanks for posting :)

  2. Una Jordan

    Hi Caitriona. I have these in the oven right now, looking forward to them. Do you think the entire mixture would go into a cake tin, as an exceptionally healthy carrot cake? Bit of cream cheese and orange juice to top it off? Or am I completely silly?

  3. dorothy

    I had extra grated carrot left over, but luckily have seen this post earlier today. my mixture made exactly 11 cups (O.o) lol! still in oven, cannot wait to take a bite!

  4. Connie

    Just making these now :). Remember that honey contains the same basic sugar units (fructose and glucose) as cane sugar, and is actually higher in calories than cane sugar. So yeah these muffins still have plenty of sugar in them! That having been said, the fibre from the wholemeal flour and carrots will help prevent insulin spikes.

  5. Christine

    I tried making these today but my convection oven only does 155C or 170C. I picked 170 – mistake. They didn’t rise properly and got a little burnt on top. So I tried again at 155 and I think I need to go about 45 mins to get them just perfect with a bit of a crust on top. I took them out at 35 mins because they looked fine but the tops were not crusty. With this second batch, I added some rolled oats and two more tablespoons of wholewheat flour because the batter seemed rather wet, and the result was more cake-like but still nice.

    I also made a batch in which I substituted Truvia for honey. They also worked out just fine. Just thought someone else might like to know.

    Love the flavor. Thank you for this recipe!

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