1. I’m a bit ashamed to admit this is my first time on your website – even though I listen to all your podcasts on Audioboo.FM, follow you on Twitter & was delighted to meet you at CongRegation in Cong – recently.
    I should have my head examined. So impressed (knew I would be – because you seem to do nothing badly) & keen to dig into this site. It’s your brand consistency that strikes me most of all. (Guess you wouldn’t use that term – it’s not “wholesome”)
    Funny how things happen: one day I was in Eason’s Cork – found new book by Pat Whelan (whom I know from one of his Clonmel food gigs (Tipperary Food Producers) & through Roger Overall (my great friend). Next I tweet a photo of the book cover via Instagram – you chip in with link to your blog. Next day, Sunday morning, I’m in my kitchen on your site leaving comments – while drinking Heath & Heather Apple & Cinnamon infusion – waiting for Chris Brogan’s weekly newsletter to arrive.
    See you later & thanks very much.

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