1. gg

    These look yum – and a nice simple recipe. Would it be possible to do in cupcake size instead – would the mix fill 12? Also, what would you suggest as the cooking time if reducing the size?

    • Hi gg the mix should make between 9-10 in fairy cake size. The muffin wrappers are cupcake size so I think that’s what you mean? If you are making this mixture in fairycake size, reduce the cooking time by 7 minutes.

  2. Berty

    Hi I made these and put them in muffin cases but they ended up being very dense, not sure it that is how to describe them. They did taste nice and the kids liked them, but it was just the texture that was the problem!! I don’t know what I do wrong but find it hard to get muffins right! Love your cases by the way!

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