1. Lauren

    Also, don’t forget to turn appliances/lights off if the power is cut. That way you’re not assaulted by light and noise when it comes back on. It’s also a good idea to have a battery powered radio and alarm clock, especially if you have to get up for work!

  2. Looking for Blue Sky

    I hadn’t thought about the possibility of the water going off – that’s another thing I definitely need to be prepared for – great list of tips

  3. HedgerowHeaven

    In the event of this power cut, I picked up an old solid kettle at my local charity shop, cleaned it up & have it heating water on top of my solid fuel stove. Works a treat. Space there also for a saucepan if the need arises. Fingers crossed it won’t come to that.

    To be prepared, I also picked up a solar & wind up radio on the purchase.ie website as they were having a sale. It has a flash lamp & a power unit for charging your mobile as well as a personal alarm. Meets a lot of my needs in the event of no power here in the countryside.

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