1. This is so inspiring Caitriona! It especially rings true with me because I too was made redundant a year ago and decided to take on a brand new career in cooking. It’s very humbling to be self-employed because everyday you have to fight to scrap a living but when you do get the rewards, it feels like a real achievement however small the money you earn. I hope your writing career will give you the financial security and the recognition you deserve.

  2. Una Clifford-Bahcecik

    Brilliant piece. I loved it. You make me want to be able to write something new about myself in 2014. Any article which makes someone feel like that is done by a “writer”, and a good one at that!

  3. Joanna

    Yay! Spring is just around the corner, can’t wait to buy a copy of your book (which, to be fair I already have in my kitchen but printed pages of my favourite recipes aren’t the same as a book!!!). Well done, you’re a star.

  4. Juggling Mammy and Me

    I am so enjoying reading your blog – very inspirational!! Love this post, well done on what you have achieved and all the best with the launch!! My blog is all about my struggles and thoughts in trying to juggle being Mammy and being Me, so reading your post has re-motivated me to keep being more that just a Mammy…Thank you!

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