1. Imen McDonnell

    I’ve just wrote a flapjack post/column today too Caitriona! Posting tomorrow. I was wondering about a dairy sub, I wonder if coconut oil would work too? You’d have to like coconut flavour I suppose…sunflower oil prob best suggestion as you recommend. Yours sound great, we are big fans of the flapjack here. Happy New Year!

    • Happy New Year Imen!
      Coconut oil would work just as well but I always use/recommend sunflower oil as it’s cheaper and easier to source nationwide. My friend Emily swears by it for everything mind you. You can also use a nut butter instead of dairy butter. I think hazelnut butter would be insane with the fruit & bananas. Looks like I may be in your neck of the woods soon if so, I’ll try to catch up. Xxx

      • Imen McDonnell

        I have thought of almond or peanut butter, but haven’t tried it yet. Hazelnut would be lovely! When are going to be around? Email me ————— we’ll have tea! X

  2. Patricia

    So this is kind of like a chewy granola bar? Flapjack is another name for pancake in my neck of the woods, so I was a bit confused! These look awfully tasty! I’m not sure what I can substitute for golden syrup, not sure I can find that in Minnesota!

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