1. Emily

    Sweet divine Caitriona. When this baby comes out and I still look like I’m having twins, I will blame you for my food babies. Divine, just divine. I’ve no blueberries, but I might just try it with raspberries (in great supply here!)

  2. Ala (wallflourgirl.wordpress)

    Perfect–I’ve just been itching to find more ways to defy the New Year’s resolution train! Not that I haven’t been extremely awesome at this already anyway, but the gooey goodness going on here would be a delish addition :)

  3. niamh

    Oh my god that looks amazing! I’ve been drooling at your recipes for the last hour, thank you. If I only knew how to bookmark them! I’ll begin with coconut cookies tomorrow and come back for this later in the week. Loving your blog x niamh

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