1. Michelle

    Hi, I’m in England and have to agree with you. It will be great to see better portion sizing and more places where families can go. The food bank usage here has increased by ten fold and the government still choose to ignore it, which is completely wrong and disgusting, when you consider all those children going hungry. And yes the retailers need to step up to the plate and help the communities. Hope you and yours have a good year, and wish you every success with whatever you do x

    • Hi Michelle,
      Would you believe that unlike in England, we don’t have a structured food bank system. Although we have great charities dispensing food parcels from a food bank in the greater Dublin area, it’s not matched by similar organisation nationwide. I really feel if there was, demand would be greater.
      Best wishes for 2014 to you too. It’s going to be a very busy but exciting one for me!

      • Michelle

        No, I did not know that, the mind boggles. Over here you have to be referred by a Dr, social worker and the like, but many people feel too ashamed to ask for help, there is a huge stigma attached to it and it really needs to to tackled. Hats off to all of those that help all those families. Just have to say I love your blog and all the recipes, thanks.

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