1. Dr Hows Science Wows

    Have to try this… TODAY! I just love that about your son pressing the call button… absolutely priceless! Funny my 4 yo asked me this morning if his 2 yo cousin is still a toddler and what exactly is he? I told him that toddler covered one to two yos and he would probably be called a young boy (couldn’t say “Little” or he would have flipped!)… don’t know if this definition is right though?

  2. kathryn

    Where did you find the organic limes Caitriona? This looks like a keeper in every sense. :-)

    I’m forever having to nuke the butter for a few seconds because I forgot to get it out of the freezer, let alone the fridge. And I use Greek yoghurt almost interchangeably with sour cream/creme fraiche.

    • I also use greek yoghurt a lot in baking, but this cake particularly needs the creme fraiche, I think it adds to the flavour and texture. I got the limes in Lidl a couple of weeks back, I couldn’t believe my luck. Bought a load and rammed them into the fridge. You know how it is! If I see them there again I’ll text you!

  3. Niamh

    Thanks Catriona I use creme fraiche quite oftee and never know it was known as sour cream aswell !! Recipe sounds fab , like you I’ll have to pick a good day (child free) to make it!

  4. Jazzygal

    That looks so delicious I must give it a try! I also found your Gur Cake recipe, thanks!

    I do hope your mischievous 2 year old is settling into his big boy bed.

    xx Jazzy

  5. Louise

    Fab recipe & def one I will have to try when my almost 2 year old is having her nap! Little tip I picked up somewhere to quickly soften fridge hard butter is to cube it & put into blood temperature water, works a treat!

    • Oh sure I’ve been known to microwave it/stick it on top of the dishwasher while it’s warm/try loads of tricks. I think though if I don’t warm it naturally it makes for a different flavour!

  6. Karen

    I made this yesterday and brought it into work today. Gone in less than an hour and everybody loved it. Will definitely make this again as it was so simple.

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