1. Aoibhinn

    Can you tell me how much semolina you would use for making pizza dough & what it dies to the dough in terms of texture please?

  2. Hi Aoibhinn I don’t use it *in” the pizza dough. I use semolina underneath the pizza dough when shaping & baking on either a stone or a flipped over baking tray. Basically it works like you’ve put mini ball bearings underneath the pizza and adds a crispness to the bottom crust.

    • Irmhild

      Thanks for changing it, American and imperial measurements are such a minefield when cooking and baking, especially with recipes online! I’ve learned the hard way to triple check everything and to try and figure out if the recipe was written in America or Europe, …and to reduce the sugar amount in any American recipe straight away ;-) !

      …Love semolina pudding, one of the things my granny liked to make for us. She used to stir in an egg yolk, ‘for extra nourishment’!

  3. Irmhild

    Asian supermarkets are great! Some things that are considered a special treat in Irish supermarkets, are a staple in the Asian (and some mediterranean ones) and you get good bulk buy value, too.

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