1. Dr Hows Science Wows

    These are great tips I could (and will) easily manage these… I have been trying to increase the number of words and phrases we use around the house but hadn’t thought of the stories and the CDs. Thanks

  2. Emily

    Great tips, I have all the intentions, and yet still rarely follow them through!! I’m off to check out those apps, never thought of such a simple thing to do. Thank you! Xx

  3. Aedín Collins

    Lovely tips. I miss speaking Irish, really don’t do it enough and have no excuse living in Galway, except that *whispers* Connemara Irish does my head in!

  4. Olivia Fitzgerald

    This is great. As I’m from Belfast and Irish unfortunately wasn’t on our curriculum, I often wonder what it will be like when my twins learn Irish at school. I’ll have to learn along with them I suppose. I only have a few short phrases at the moment. I must get the apps you mentioned.

  5. mythoughtsonapage

    My husband is a fluent speaker and three of my children are also. The youngest is getting there. When my husband reads in English he doesn’t sound great, but Irish really suits his accent and voice. I could listen to him all day. (especially as in Irish I don’t know half the rubbish he’s saying!)

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