1. Lisa ryan

    Oh dear god! Seriously what are you trying to do to us?! So do I take it that you don’t mush the banana up at all, just break it up or slice it?

  2. Niamh Hatton

    Looks delicious. Sounds perfect for my birthday next week! Do you combine the melted choc with the egg/butter/sugar mixture just before mixing it into the dry ingredients?

      • Niamh Hatton

        Smallest tins I had were 20cm so I multiplied the recipe by 1.5 and gave it an extra 10 mins in the oven. Looks good anyway – just hope it’s cooked in centre when I cut into it tomorrow! Mixture was yum before I cooked it anyhow!

      • Niamh Hatton

        OK – the smallest tins I had were 20cm, so I increased the recipe by 50% and gave it an extra 10 mins in the oven. Not sure it was supposed to be quite that brownie-like in texture, but it tasted good and went down very well! Yum!

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