1. dizzydoll

    Love this recipe, so simple and sounds yummy!
    I had only sat down last night to decide to start being strict with a food budget again because not only are we wasting money we are wasting so much food too through lack of planning!
    We managed before for 2 adults for 45 so I’m horrified that with the addition of a toddler who eats like a mouse we are at 100+ every week putting other things under pressure!
    Spotted you on the consumer show tonight and was delighted to have an Irish blog to follow for tips!
    Your book is on my wish list now and will be my reward if I stay within budget this week! :)

    • Hi Claire, it really depends on how small you make them. There’s more than enough meat in the amount of minced beef required to feed a family. You can make them small and have a good few on each plate, or go ahead and split them into 5 only and have a plate of giant meatballs.

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