Northern Lights in Dublin

This is a super quick post, I literally just took this shot only 10 minutes ago and I want to go to bed!

However my good friend Kathryn Marsh sent me a text a short while ago to say she had spotted the Northern Lights in Dublin and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to catch them so far south.

In the dark I grabbed my decent camera, stuck it on Auto and shot with the flash off.  This is the best picture I caught.Northern Lights Dublin Friday 24 May 2013 - Wholesome Ireland - Irish Food & Parenting Blog

Have you managed to see them? Did you get a picture? Do please let me know. I am beyond thrilled to get this shot!

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  1. kathryn says

    They appeared one night just as the Dublin commuter train came in at 6.00 – station car park came to a complete halt as all the jaws dropped simultaneously!

  2. kathryn says

    Sign up for NASA sunspot and aurora information and they tell you when a CME’s heading our way – There’s an aurora halo predictor

  3. kathryn says

    A different sky show the last two nights – noctilucent clouds just after sunset. No sign of them tonight though

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