People Are Different

“Mammy, why does my sister have yellow hair and I have brown hair?”

Because you’re different.

“Why does my brother like milk and I don’t?”

Because you’re different.

“Mammy, why does Nana sit in a wheelchair?”

Because sometimes her legs don’t work.

“Is she different?”


“Mammy, why does my Aunty have to use a stick sometimes?”

Because sometimes her legs don’t work.

“So she’s different then?”


“People are different aren’t they?

My Aunty doesn’t feel sad that she’s different does she? I like being different, I don’t want to drink milk and I like having brown hair.”

My sister has MS.

Of course she feels sad but how do I explain it to a 5 year old? I think we’ll just stick with the “people are different” chat for now.  I know the support she receives from MS Ireland helps.

If you’re interested in supporting MS Ireland this year, their new silver decorations will add a touch of elegance to your Christmas tree and with a space in the middle of each star for your photos, your loved ones can be with you all through the festive season! This is a great – and simple – way to show your support for MS Ireland’s Reach for a Star Christmas appeal and make a difference to the lives of everyone affected by MS. Decorations are just €2 each and can be purchased online or by calling the team on (01) 678 1600.

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  1. The Dublin Diary says

    Thanks for sharing that Caítríona, hadn’t seen anything about this before. Must see if I can get some online.

  2. kathryn says

    Thanks for telling me about them Caitriona. I give the grandchildren personalised tree ornaments every Christmas so that’s this year’s sorted

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