Shopping tips – 26 October 2015

Week Commencing 26 October

Thank you all so much for the wonderful response to the digital detox I did back in August. It’s brilliant to see that I’m not alone. I’m still knitting away good-oh. Now that I’ve run out of people to give scarves to I think I’m going to challenge myself a little bit more and maybe make a cardigan or a jumper for myself.

Anyway back to the usual shopping tips. This week there are some fantastic deals to be had. Keep an eye out for keenly priced toys over the next few weeks in all the major supermarkets. Don’t forget you can find my additional non-food deals in the Irish Independent Choice Magazine every fortnight. If you’re interested in the best deals in sweets for Hallowe’en; this piece from a few weeks ago should be just the ticket.


Expiry of special buys: Wednesday 28th October 2015
Product Price
Pineapple (each) 49c
Red Apples (10 pack) 49c
Leeks 500g 49c
Parsnips 500g 49c
Salad Potatoes 1kg 49c
Cucumber (each) 49c
Dry Cured Ham Fillet 2kg €9
Irish Back Bacon Joint 730g €3
Secret Chef Turkey Joint 1kg €9
Diced Steak Pieces 400g €3
Specially Selected Angus Rib-Eye/Striploin Steaks 454g €9
Whole Irish Chicken 1.2kg €3

The pick of the special buys this week are the children’s toys on offer from Thursday. There are some absolutely adorable wooden toys ranging from a large wooden kitchen (€39.99), to a double sided easel (€25.99), and much more. Also on offer is an electric scooter for €89.99 – electric/self propelling items will be all the rage for Christmas this year. The “airboard” or electric balance board will be sold out in most shops by the end of November (normally priced between €400-€800). Keep an eye out for those, but only buy from a reputable dealer.

From Sunday Aldi take on a decidedly Christmas theme and have plenty of wrapping and packaging options on special offer. Things like metallic marker pens, printed tissue paper, and money gift cards are all priced below €2. The big ticket items on special are the 55″ Full HD TV (€549.99), and the Dyson DC44 Animal (€249.99). This doesn’t seem to be available in most electrical stores in Ireland, apart from Currys where it’s the same price at the moment.


Expiry of special buys: Monday 9th November 2015
Product Price
Peanuts in shell 150g 49c
Snack Pack Apples 2-for-€3
Snack Pack Oranges 2-for-€3
Snack Pack Pears 2-for-€3
Snack Pack Seeded Grapes 2-for-€3
Yellow Melon (each) 2-for-€3
Kiwi Tray 6’s 2-for-€3
Tenderstem Broccoli 150g 2-for-€3
Fine Beans 165g 2-for-€3
Organic Onion Bag 1kg 2-for-€3
Savoy Cabbage (each) 2-for-€3
Rooster Potatoes 1kg 2-for-€3
Baby Corn 125g 2-for-€3
Mangetout 165g 2-for-€3

Shop & Save continues in store. “you get a €10 voucher for every €50 spent every time you shop this Autumn” – so says the blurb on their brochure! This seems to be the only major supermarket continuing with this kind of voucher system. However, remember that Tesco do accept competitor’s vouchers – there are some T&C so check before using them.

Once again this year the baking products are on special in Dunnes Stores for Christmas cakes/puddings. You’ll find them on offer in most shops to be fair though!


Expiry of special buys: Mon 26th – Wed 28th October
Product Price
Turnip 59c
Golden Delicious Apples 59c
Sweet Potatoes 59c
Breaded Chicken Goujons €3
Stewing Beef €3
Expiry of special buys: Thurs 29th Oct – Sun 1st Nov
Product Price
Curly Kale 59c
Lemons 59c
Baby Potatoes 59c
Fresh Salmon Darnes €3
Pork Loin Chops €3

Just a quick reminder that Lidl have 2 fresh offers that run for half a week each.

On special offer today are the Silvercrest Headphones in various colours. For the price, these are excellent headphones and I have to say we’ve bought them for gifts over the past year and not been disappointed. I also like the doodle tablet case for €19.99, I know my kids would love it.

Now I’m warning  you in advance. The ski gear is in stock on Thursday. You will need to get down there very early to get the colours and sizes that you want. I can’t emphasise this enough. We buy this gear for our children every year – as you know I’m a huge believer in “no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes” – and we spend a lot of time outdoors. If you’re going sking this year, or just like to have the family well wrapped up in the Winter then make the investment. Tween’s ski jackets are €14.99, trousers are €9.99. Children’s ski jackets are €12.99, trousers are €9.99. Adults jackets are €29.99, and trousers are €19.99.

As always, I’m not paid or otherwise to endorse these products – I buy them myself – just like to share the bargain. Mind you I regret it every year when I’m up at 8am to make sure to get the ones I want!


Expiry of special buys: Wednesday 4th November 2015
Product Price
Kale 200g 2-for-€1
Closed Cup Mushrooms 250g 2-for-€1
Scallions Bunch 2-for-€1
Peanuts in Shell 150g 2-for-€1
Coconut Loose 2-for-€1
Onion Net 750g 2-for-€1
Bramley Cooking Apple Tray 4 piece 2-for-€2
Kiwi Punnet 6 piece 2-for-€2
Plum Punnet 500g 2-for-€2
Pineapple Extra Sweet (each) 2-for-€2
Kids Range Apple & Pear Mixed Fruit Pouch (each) 2-for-€2
Family Apple Bag 10 piece 2-for-€2
Carrot & Parsnip Bag 1.1kg 2-for-€2
Mixed Nuts in Shell 150g 2-for-€2

I wandered down the back in SuperValu earlier. I rarely go down there as I normally only get fresh bits in store. I found a whole range of Mason & Cash “Bake My Day” products. Oh my goodness they are gorgeous. I just wish I had the space in my kitchen to store them in! Beautiful fresh pastel colours in lovely heavy bakeware. If you have a baker in your life then they will love you if you pick these up for them.

As always, much love for the SuperValu fresh fruit and vegetable selection on offer!


Expiry of special buys: Tuesday 3rd November 2015
Product Price
Prepared Cabbage & Leek €1
Baby Spinach 200g €1
Carrot Batons 400g €1
Tender Leaf Kale 309g €1
Organic Carrots 700g €1
Large Chicken Roaster 1.9kg €4
Irish Green Cabbage (each) 49c
Irish Kerr Pink Potatoes 1kg 49c
GoodnessFun-size Apples 10 Pack €1.50
Goodness Eat Me Bananas 5 Pack €1.50
Goodness Pears (min 7) €1.50
Goodness Easy Peelers €1.50

Now you know I’m not a massive fan of baked goods from the supermarket, but I have to draw your attention to the special-edition Hallowe’en bakes in Tesco. Costing €10 each (thanks to the reader who tells me they’re now €7.50!)  you can choose from a “Brain Cake”, a “Petrifying Platter” (cupcakes), or a “Ghoulishly Gooey Tray Bake”.  They look brilliant and not bad value for what you get. If you’re on a budget, then maybe the “Scary Fairy Cakes” for €1.50 might be more your thing. Well played Tesco, well played.Week Commencing 26 October

If you have a deal or a discount you think would be worth sharing here then drop me an email (wholesomecook-at-gmail-dot-com) to be added to the list for consideration. These are my own personal choices and I’m not sponsored in any way (monetary or benefit in kind) to provide this information. This blogpost is based on my own personal research and please don’t reproduce it elsewhere.Wholesome Ireland Shopping Tips Graphic

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