Women In The Workplace

I’m a stay at home mother.

The home is my workplace.

Does that make me any less of a working mother than those who have to go to paid employment? I don’t think so.

Whether I’m paid or not shouldn’t make my employment any less valued in society.

Maybe it’s time to look at how we compare and value those who are in paid employment and those who aren’t. I hate the feeling that we pit parents against parents by comparing and valuing their work.

The Irish Times is running a series this week on the role of women in the workplace on the 40th anniversary of the lifting of the Civil Service Marriage Bar. Yesterday they focussed on the role of 7 women in paid employment and in doing so they inadvertantly overlooked the 44% of women in Ireland who don’t work in paid employment.

It just goes to show how easy it is to overlook the role of the parent at home.

As a friend pointed out to me earlier today, we shouldn’t be defined by our roles more our contribution to community and society. What a great way to look at it!

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  1. kathryn says

    Last time I looked you were working full time in the home and full time outside it – you just don’t get paid for the outside stuff but I bet it adds up to a 35 hour week and more. And the country would crash tomorrow if all those members of the 44% who are putting in 35 hour free on work in the community, being unpaid carers etc stopped doing it

  2. Looking for Blue Sky says

    Yep, I certainly think that full time parenting can be the most challenging job of them all – as well as the most important. Shame on The Irish Times..

  3. jenni says

    “..they inadvertantly overlooked the 44% of women in Ireland who don’t work.” I think you meant “..they inadvertantly overlooked the 44% of women in Ireland who don’t work outside the home.” as I think you most certianly do work :)

  4. HEGguest says

    What about stay at home Dads? No one mentions them. My husband is a stay at home Dad to two 2 year old littles. I’m loving your blog. I just signed up to it today.

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