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My name is Caitríona. If you need to contact me directly please email caitriona@wholesome.ie

I’m a work-at-home mother and carer to 2 boys (aged 10 & 13) and I also have a 22-year-old  stepdaughter .

It’s now been a long time since I lost my job at the height of the recession in Ireland, after my first child was born. Working fulltime away from home feels like a distant memory now.

After I was laid off, our family grew a little more and our budget got smaller I found myself facing a shrinking amount of money on a weekly basis to spend on food. I could feed the family on convenience food for the same amount that I have to spend but I choose to cook the best food I can within our tight budget.  This blog is about me, how I manage and the rollercoaster that parenting and living on a tight budget brings.

I first started blogging in 2009 but wasn’t very diligent at updating my original blog. Not long after my second son was born, I decided to start logging and charting our progress in earnest and Wholesome Ireland became my new “home” in February 2012.

What else do you do?

I develop recipes, take photos, and write food and family based content for lots of different brands. However, as I work freelance as a writer you’ll find me popping up in different publications here and there.

We grow our own food and are founding members of a pig syndicate where we reared free range pigs for the table as part of a group. This was facilitated by our local authority on their community allotment scheme where we keep our plot for food.

My first book; “Wholesome”, was published by Mercier Press in April 2014. It is available in all good bookstores nationwide and online for those who don’t live in Ireland.

I’m always open to new opportunities and if you are interested in working with me, do check out my services page which can be found by clicking here.

The boring stuff:

This is a personal blog; all of the recipes and photographs on this site are my own and my copyright, unless I state otherwise. I’ve got handy little buttons that allow you to share. Please do not use my photographs or content in any other way without my permission.

It’s always lovely to receive items for review but this does not guarantee inclusion on the blog.

I love to receive comments and feedback but please be aware that abusive or insulting comments will be removed.

If you’re wondering about my policy on sponsorship/advertising then please visit my disclosure page.


  • Mary Greene

    Thanks for the stock list sheets been using them regularly every week and has saved me over 60 euro a week by knowing whats in the fridge and cupboard

  • Móna Wise

    I love your little bio Caítríona. I am still ‘adjusting’ to mothering at home myself. 
    Your new blog looks beautiful – tell your Mum she has great talent with that art work she has provided you with.
    Keep blogging x

  • Patchworkdelights

    Great to read about you Catriona, like the blog, I am also in Balbriggan btw!  Glad to have found you via twitter.

  • Kara_Lamb

    Caítríona, Hi 🙂 Such a nice treat to have connected with you via Instagram, and I loved reading your info bio~it’s very sweet. Looking forward to trying out your different recipes and sharing them here in San Diego, California. I love that you live so close to the Sea; the Sea also has my heart ~ we are lucky enough to live 15 minutes from several major seaside areas here ~ well, tata for now, onward & eatward! Kara Lamb

  • Carol

    really good blog! – viewing from over the water in Scotland – and facing much the same – looking forward to reading more : )
    Carol – ( three grown children and grandson)

  • The Mum with the Silk Scarf

    Hi Catriona, I’m a new Irish blogger and I’m just starting to get to grips with all this lark. I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself, I’m only starting to get to see more of the Irish blogs this past few weeks. I’m on maternity and about to become a stay at home mum, not something I’m used to but I’m loving it. I really like your blog and it’s great to see that you too work on a budget like ourselves, and you’ve got some great recipes and I look forward to reading more!

    • Wholesome Ireland

      Thank you. It’s a big adjustment getting used to being at home full time. 4 years on and I’m still adjusting! Good luck with the blog & hopefully I’ll see plenty of posts from you in the next while.

  • Sarah

    Hi Catriona, I would love to get in touch with you privately but cant seem to find a ‘Contact you’ tab. Is there any way I could pop you an email?

  • Sonya

    Hi Caitriona I’ve just gotton a slow cooker and was hoping to use it regularly to make some meals for my husband, child & myself while we’re out at work during the day. Wondering if you had any recipie recommendations or know of any good websites that can walk you through how to get the best use out of a slow cooker for some tasty family meals? thanks!

    • Wholesome Ireland

      Hi Sonya thanks for dropping by. I’ve some recipes that I’ll be sharing over the next while but I’m aware that I don’t have loads on my own site. I’ve asked around and a friend has recommended this blog: http://crockpot365.blogspot.ie/ and I think it should be of some help to you. I hope the slow cooker takes some of the stress out of preparing healthy meals for you. Best of luck!

  • Elaine Butler

    Hi Catriona. Just discovered your blog and am thoroughly enjoying it. Nice to read posts about things that interest me.

    I thought you might be interested in a blog post that i wrote in January about best value in supermarkets. I’m currently writing a revision that focusses on affordable organic, free-range and cruelty-free versions of some items.


    I also run a Facebook group called Savvy Irish Shopper which bargain hunters post info on 50-70% reductions. It’s just a hobby of mine and an attempt to save even more pennies.

    All the best

  • Clare Crowley

    Hi Catriona,

    I only recently realised that the great blog my friend had been telling me about was created by the same Catriona who is so helpful on our residents’ facebook page and is my neighbour – I live in the apartments in the centre (I am now thoroughly ashamed that I don’t know my neighbours better!).

    I love what you’re doing with the blog and I hope everything continues to go well for you. I was at a blogging workshop in Ballymaloe on Saturday – I started my own blog about baking a year ago (claresbakeshopblog.blogspot.ie) – and Lucy Pearce was raving about your blog. Just wanted to share that with you!

    Good luck at the LitFest.

    • Wholesome Ireland

      Hilarious! See I didn’t even know there were so many bloggers in the estate until recently. I’ve set up a suggestion for a group meet up on the estate page now so hopefully some of us with get to hook up over the next while. No wonder my ears were burning yesterday. LOL!

  • rose ryan

    Hi C
    Just want to say how much I enjoyed your talk at Hay. You were FANTASTIC, a true powerhouse. I wish you well with all your work . I can see a political career ahead for you, honestly. You were ‘singing so many songs’ that we need so badly right now in Ireland.
    I live near you, Bellewstown .Maybe a cuppa some time .I would love to visit your allotment. Is it the one on the way to Julianstown? I shop in Supervalu in Balbriggan, am a NANA, a cancer survivor(just last week) and A VERY learner blogger.
    Best wishes to you.

  • maggie

    Delighted to find your blog today, great to find a kindred spirit with similar attitudes and aspirations regarding nutrition and family life. I’ll be following with interest. 🙂

  • Lucille Clarke

    Loved your story! It is so inspiring. I am doing a project for college. I am also 56 and in college for the first time working toward my bachelors degree. I am doing a blog concerning getting and staying fit in your fifties to enjoy your retirement. It is meals that are healthy and on a budget. We all know about budgeting in these hard economic times. Feel free to check out my blog at: http://www.fabulousfiftiesdining.blogspot.com
    Thank you,

  • madaboutmozart2014Dave

    Caitriona, got your book yesterday, already finished reading…I’m a cookbook fanatic, but just wanted to let you know that ‘Wholesome’ is one of the best no-nonsense books in my collection. Look forward to saving a few more quid too!!!

  • Noralou

    Hello Caitriona, puff pastry ready rolled at aldi only 99cent, great for making vol au vents and then filling with jam and cream, yum, yum,. Great bargain for sure with little effort involved. Love the site, keep up the great work.

  • Linda

    Hi Caitiona
    It caught my eye you are hoping to run a summer project- we can offer your kiddies of age 10-12, 5 sessions of cookery and nutrition called Cool Dudes. Check out Northside Partnerships website to see if its suitable
    Thanks Linda

  • Feedspot Blogs (@feedspotblogs)

    Hi Caitríona,

    My name is Anuj Agarwal. I’m Founder of Feedspot.

    I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog Wholesome Ireland has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 50 Whole Foods Blogs on the web.


    I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world. This is the most comprehensive list of Top 50 Whole Foods Blogs on the internet and I’m honored to have you as part of this!

    Also, you have the honor of displaying the badge on your blog.


  • Feedspot Blogs (@feedspotblogs)

    Hi Caitríona,

    My name is Anuj Agarwal. I’m Founder of Feedspot.

    I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog Wholesome Ireland has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 300 Food Blogs on the web.


    I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world. This is the most comprehensive list of Top 300 Food Blogs on the internet and I’m honored to have you as part of this!

    Also, you have the honor of displaying the badge on your blog.


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